F A Baker Consultants : Architects and Engineers



As company we believe our responsibilities go beyond our clients, to the larger community that we operate in, our team members are continuously engaged in customizing their dreams in to reality.

(Principal Architect)

Mr. Ramesh Dhas is the Principal Architect and Managing Partner of FA Baker Consultants LLC. His journey in the world of Art and Architecture began when he passed his B. Arch (Bachelors of Architecture) in the late 1976 from one of the most reputed architectural colleges in India, Sir J.J College of Architecture which is affiliated to the Mumbai University, India. Having great passion for architecture and travelled extensively in various countries to explore architecture of the world.

He has rich and varied experience in the field of architecture. Thus having a varied portfolio ranging from design and execution of large scale projects from Infrastructure projects to High-Rise buildings (Residential / Commercial / Office / hospitality) and even the Industrial sector.

He loves a challenge and has overseen dramatic growth of the FA Baker Consultants LLC. While catering the size and number of projects in terms of maintaining significant client contact during the development and keep them happy with the desired outcome, and building a team of professionals to deliver best of the best , as well as the reputation which he earned over a period.


Our employees are our biggest asset. Leveraging their collective talent allows us to undertake complex projects even in the harshest of operating environments. We are confident that through the devotion and hard work of our team, in the current scenario we will reinvent our operations with a drive towards the field of the Architecture to deliver our projects on time and with the quality that our customers have come to expect from us.